JWT brought this fantastic job to us which was the genisis of a new campaign for Rolex entitled "The Rolex Way." 

The concept developed by JWT was to create a physical story book that inside would detail the journey of each of Rolex time piece and framing real life stories behind each watch. 

The challenge for us was to create a lyrical visual style that felt like ink to paper while developing a rich world that pulled the viewer into the fibers into the book. 

There was a tactile quality that we looked to achieve from the very beginning that looked to play homage to the very watch makers themselves. elevating the notion that Rolex is a time honored brand known for it's hand made quality and sophistication.  



Directors: Ben Smith, Anthony Dodero, Yong Chang Kim
Executive Producer: Danielle Amaral
Producer: Veronica Ware

Designer: Pierce Gibson
2D Artists: Gap Yossanun Sangpattharamatee, Michael Schaeffer